Remodeling Bathrooms: Design Process using Pinterest

pinterest ideas help with bathroom remodelsRemodeling bathrooms is one of the projects where homeowners won’t consider DIY and typically call a pro.  Soon I will be meeting with a Hampton NH homeowner who is interested in remodeling her bathroom with a specific goal: replace her standard issue bath/shower with a big, deep bath tub for soaking. Remodeling bathrooms is right up our alley, so the next step for us is to develop a way to work together that suits this homeowners lifestyle.

Since she’s a busy professional and travels around the country for her work which means she has already said she is too busy to devote the time to scour the the internet for ideas or even flip through pages of magazines and tear out images from product catalogs to gather ideas that appeal to her. So I’m going to suggest to her that we use Pinterest to communicate during the designing phase of this project as she is nearly always connected to the web.

When working with papers and magazines, it’s hard to keep organized and then you may need to make copies of photos for everyone on the design build team. Pinterest let’s you create one collection of boards, organized by function or priority, and these can be shared with everyone on the design-build team. Homeowners may also find it easier to communicate what they want without having to find the right terminology to explain their ideas.

It is also important for homeowners to consider installation and product/material costs when prioritizing requirements to come up with a realistic remodeling project. Pinterest provides an alternative to this paper approach. It allows homeowner to collect and organize their ideas online, and be able to visually see and share the things they want included in their remodeling project.

  • High priority requirements are must haves like a new vanity or tile floor or in this case a soaking tub.
  • Medium priorities are important like more natural lighting with larger windows or even a skylight.
  • Low priority requirements are nice to have but not necessary likes heated towel bars.

Remodeling Bathrooms & Pinterest Boards

The bathroom might be a small room but it’s one of the most complicated with a large number of functional features involved, from the vanity, sink and faucet down to matching hardware  for the shower/bathtub, toilet, vanity and accessories. That’s why Pinterest is a great tool for remodeling bathrooms – you can create any number of boards to group the items involved in the project so the question is … how many?

remodeling bathrooms using pinterest

Remodeling Bathrooms: How Many Pinterest Boards?

When homeowners don’t plan out all the items they’ll be purchasing for their project, they often exceed their budget and aren’t happy. That’s why we try to help clients identify all their costs for bathroom remodeling projects down to the matching accessory hardware that can add 100s of dollars when you pick an expensive finish.

We found a great table that helps you plan what you can reuse from your existing bathroom and what you want to buy new, in this article on Remodeling Bathrooms on A Budget.  You can take this list to start creating your Pinterest boards or build your own list of the things that are most important to you in a bathroom. To help you get started, here’s an outline of what we know homeowners think about:

  • Room lighting – includes windows for natural light and ceiling/wall light fixtures.
  • Space and layout – is challenging in bathrooms where you have a large number of fixtures to place in a relatively small amount of space. You need to consider how many activities occur in the room, i.e. larger bathrooms with spa and exercise fixtures are becoming popular, and how many people might be using the space at one time.
  • Color and texture – include paint colors, hardware, flooring and tile is a huge feature in many bathrooms with lots of exciting new textures.
  • Bathing and relaxing – involves your bathtub, shower and these are changing. People want to relax at home in their personal spa which might mean a soaking tub or steam shower/bath.
  • Dressing areas – include mirrors, task lighting, closets in addition to your traditional vanities.
  • Storage and seating – as homeowners want more storage from extra linen closets (one per bathroom) to shelving for books, and a place to sit down and relax at the end of the day.
Click here to explore some bathroom remodeling boards on Pinterest and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Is remodeling bathrooms a priority for your home?